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I'm sitting in the studio, working on some things for my workshop. I guess I should properly introduce this, but maybe at a later date. I *should* be fixing some things.

But anyway, just quickly, this is the outside entrance signage system for the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in University City (West Phila).

I'm working in a group of four (really, a group of three) among three or four other groups in my class. We're working with Virginia Gehshan of Cloud Gehshan Associates on this project.

*sigh* More on this later.
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Oh snap! Hello art blog, how are you? I guess I don't feel *too* bad for neglecting this thing. I'm sure no one reads it anyway.

New year, new semester, new projects.

Communications: campaign on ED (eating disorders, mind you. get your head out of the gutter!)
Type: quote animation/film titles
EM: storyboarding/animation/a bunch of lame stuff
Pictorial Foundation: painting (acrylic, oil)

The other two classes are liberal arts classes. No one cares about those, hahaha! I will post samples of my stuff later. I don't know how much later, but later.
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One month later...

I turned 21. The invite you see two posts below didn't go out like that. I added a gradient of pink squares to make this funky checkerboard pattern. Eh. Now it's time to design the thank you cards. That'll be fun.

Anyway, here's what I'm up to:

MAJOR BARBARA, the second (and final) play of the semester. We wrapped up Mockingbird a couple of weeks ago and the poster that was okay. I much preferred Cathy's poster of the two. Heck, I even preferred mine, but that's okay.

Mockingbird poster (final):

Major Barbara (WIP):

(It's not really crunched like that, Photoshop just took the liberty of removing half of my border when I imported the file to convert it to a JPEG.)

Then in pictorial foundation, we're working on shadow box drawings. We had to make/find a box that was around the dimensions of 11" x 14" and fill it with stuff that represents ourselves in a theme. I chose all things Asian (though the majority of the things glued in/to my box are from Japan. Go figure.

I'm also the official designer for Ladies of Service, an organization at school.

^That's the image I'm going to pitch to the VP tomorrow in a flyer I'm designing. Oi.
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I haven't posted in here in a while. Nothing artistically new. I misplaced the cell phone cover I made that you've seen in an earlier post. Therefore, it has not been completed just yet.

While at work today I heard a promo spot on the radio for Michael Jackson's This is It. Even though I can't say I'm a true Michael Jackson fan, or a fan at all for that matter, I am kind of curious.

I *love* the poster for it, though.

Official Website

In other news, I'm working on a poster in my communication workshop class for the first show of the semester, To Kill a Mockingbird. When everything is finished with that, I'll post a screencap or something.
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For the summer class I took, Greece: Democracy and Empire, we had the choice of writing an 8-10 page paper or a creative project that includes a 4-6 page paper. Naturally I chose the creative project.


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