Oct. 27th, 2009

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One month later...

I turned 21. The invite you see two posts below didn't go out like that. I added a gradient of pink squares to make this funky checkerboard pattern. Eh. Now it's time to design the thank you cards. That'll be fun.

Anyway, here's what I'm up to:

MAJOR BARBARA, the second (and final) play of the semester. We wrapped up Mockingbird a couple of weeks ago and the poster that won...well...it was okay. I much preferred Cathy's poster of the two. Heck, I even preferred mine, but that's okay.

Mockingbird poster (final):

Major Barbara (WIP):

(It's not really crunched like that, Photoshop just took the liberty of removing half of my border when I imported the file to convert it to a JPEG.)

Then in pictorial foundation, we're working on shadow box drawings. We had to make/find a box that was around the dimensions of 11" x 14" and fill it with stuff that represents ourselves in a theme. I chose all things Asian (though the majority of the things glued in/to my box are from Japan. Go figure.

I'm also the official designer for Ladies of Service, an organization at school.

^That's the image I'm going to pitch to the VP tomorrow in a flyer I'm designing. Oi.


idesigncute: I made this icon.  Take it and I'll eat you. (Default)

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